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      Welcome to Taishan Fiberglass!

      ABOUT US

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      Company Profile

      Committed to buliding an internationally competitive fiberglass manufacturer since 1997

      Taishan Fiberglass Inc.(CTG),is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinoma Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: SZ002080) under China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd.

      Established in 1997 with the 1st E glass fiber furnace production line of 10,000mts/year in China, CTG has reached a manufacturing capacity of 800,000 + mts/year of diversified fiberglass products, and is one of world`s top 3 and China `s top 2 fiberglass manufacturers.

      Equipped with world`s cutting-edge technologies of hyper fiberglass furnace design, Oxy-firing, specialty glassfiber busing design, etc. and leading research & development institutes such as China National Fiberglass R&D Center, Key Laboratory of Shandong Province, Post-doctoral Research Station, etc., CTG has been awarded with certificates of International Quality Management System (ISO9001), Environmental Management System (IS014001), Occupational Health & Safety Management System (GB/T28001) and our products are certified by DNV (Det Norske Veritas Type Approval Certificate, Norway), LR (Lloyd's Register of Shipping, UK), FDA (Food & Drug Administration, US), KS (Korean Standard, Korea) GL (Germanischer Lloyd, Germany ) and China Classification Society (CCS, China), etc. CTG has established a global sales and service networks including the US (CTG International North America Inc.) and South Africa (Taishan Fiberglass Pty S.A) and our exports cover 70+ countries in Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Asian-Pacific, etc.

      After years of transformations, restructuring & upgrading since 2011, CTG has built a world`s leading Manzhuang new plant of 500,000mts/year capacity, with state-of-the-art automatic and intelligent equipment & facilities. It was listed in 2015 among " The Intelligent Manufacturing Plants" by MIIT (China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), which was the only model plant in China fiberglass industry.

      Upholding the tenets of "Quality for Survival and Innovations for Future", as well as our long-term strategy of "Restructuring, Upgrading and Internationalisation", CTG will keep carrying out our Detailed Management campaign, to become a world` leading and globally competitive fiberglass supplier.


      • 1992.1.29
      • 1997.5.4
      • 2001.7.13
      • 2004.2.21
      • 2007.8.31
      • 2016.5
      • 2016.8


      Taishan Composite Preparation and Construction Office.